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Mr Mattress Bed shop in BLOEMFONTEIN

King’s Comfort Mattress Factory: 087 292 1967

Mr Mattress Bloemfontein Main Store:  087 087 1611

Mr Mattress Bloemfontein Central bed shop:  087 087 3800

Mr Mattress started in the one and only City of Roses, Bloemfontein and Mr Mattress Bloemfontein branch is located in 20 Kolbe Ave. Bloemfontein’s Mr Mattress is perfect if you want to buy a mattress or a bed or even if you want to buy bed specials.

Here at Bloemfontein’s Mr Mattress, we want you to choose a bed that suits your needs. Our beds are good quality, durable, affordable and comfortable. We have a wide selection of beds to suit each sleeping position. Your comfort is vital to sustain your body and mind in order to complete everyday activities; therefore, if you need a bed, make it a priority. Go to our Bloemfontein branch to buy a mattress and test the beds for yourself. For more information on this topic, please visit our blog that will give you tips on this specific topic.

When you are shopping for a bed, the most important part is the mattress; therefore, when you buy a mattress, make sure you know what the mattress is made of and how it caters for your needs. King’s Comfort’s Bloemfontein branch has a wide range of mattresses. Make sure that when you buy a mattress, that is it the right mattress for you. Visit King’s Comfort’s blog on The Buy Mattress Guide on how to buy a mattress. These short and useful tips are all you need to know if you want to buy a mattress in Bloemfontein.

If you want to buy a bed or buy a mattress, but it is too expensive, you might want to wait and buy bed specials in Bloemfontein. We encourage you to buy bed specials at King’s Comfort’s Bloemfontein branch because King’s Comfort gives up to 25% off of our beds. King’s Comfort’s Bed Specials blog will give you helpful tips on how to buy bed specials. This way you can buy a mattress that suits your needs, without having to worry about the cost; therefore it is worth it to buy bed specials in Bloemfontein. If you buy bed specials, you are allowed to lay-buy a mattress or bed on that special price!

Bloemfontein, like most other cities, has informal and formal bed traders. Informal traders typically sell cheaper beds, resulting in decreased quality. They typically use fake warranties and do not pay taxes.

This is why we advise you to rather buy a mattress or bed and buy bed specials in the formal sector. Companies like King’s Comfort are guaranteed to offer products that are good quality and affordable(especially if you buy bed specials). You end up supporting local families and business. Bloemfontein companies in the formal sector must pay taxes. The taxes generated when you buy a bed, buy a mattress or buy bed specials boost the economy and is used to contribute to the rebuilding of South Africa, which is essential after situations like the chaos of COVID-19.

Name: Kings Comfort Bloem Plaza
Physical Address: Bloem Plaza, 134, Charlotte Maxeke Street, Bloemfontein Central, Bloemfontein, 9301